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I thank you for all that you did for me and for my family. I certainly could not have done it without you and all the support from the wonderful people in your office. The "dark cloud" has been lifted. (It was not over your office, it was over me 🙂  Thank you for always being patient, compassionate, knowledgeable, and supportive. And thank you for your wonderful sense of humor that was always helpful to me and especially for your professionalism which was always evident but was especially highlighted on the day we were in court.

Laura M., I wanted to thank you for all your help over the last few years. Especially on the day of the 4-way. I could never have gotten through that without you!

I went to Cervizzi and Associates over 3 years ago to discuss with Laura Cervizzi about divorcing my husband, after my decision was made Laura paired me with Atty. Amy Kraft a young, conscientious lawyer. I was a bit hesitant, but Laura assured me she would be the right person for the job. And two years together, she was the right person, she was kind, compassionate brilliant and always there for me in my darkest hours she wasn't after two years my attorney, she was my friend and guardian she understood me and how I would react to what was going on through this ordeal a wonderful diligent young lady, I am so grateful for her coming to my aid, keeping me on track and for the wonderful relationship which blossomed with all at Cervizzi and Associates. If anyone is in need of this type of service these are the group of women to take care of you from Laura, to Priscilla and gratefully to Amy. Thank you to all of you, you are simply the best.

Nicole, I will never be able to thank you enough for helping me to get through my divorce. You have not only been an excellent lawyer who helped me to navigate through a foreign process, you have been a caring friend. I could always count on you to give me professional advice that was always in my best interest. You "got" my ex-husband and what he was trying to do to my children and I. You were adept at handling his lawyer and through her, him. Thank you so much for supporting me in court the day of my divorce. You stayed by my side and made sure that I was OK from the moment I entered the building until it was over and I left. I am very happy with my settlement. I will miss you! Laura is extremely lucky to have you on her team but I'm sure she knows that! I will always recommend Cervizzi & Associates in a heartbeat!

Nicole, you have moved mountains to remove a large obstacle from my life! I moved a lot emotionally, to get here today. There is a lot more "moving for me in the future! I can't thank you enough for all the hard work you did for me. You are very strong, smart, and knowledgeable. I truly believe anyone else would have gotten me different results. Like you know, my now ex-husband wasn’t very reasonable and I believe you were right on the mark in knowing how to deal with him. Thank you for understanding where he was coming from, and understanding what was needed. Thank you for the thousand e-mails and phone calls I sent your way. Most of all, thank you for treating me like a friend. You treated me with the upmost respect. I would recommend you in a heartbeat. You are an excellent lawyer!

Laura M., thank you so much for everything you have done over the last year! You offered great support and guidance, and have a natural cheerleader, and defender in you. It is because of you that my daughter is safe and I can move on with my life.

Hey Nicole,

Thank you again for all of your help. My son couldn't be more excited. The best part was his first words when he heard the news… "Dad, that's so awesome. I'm actually really excited to start school now." You did a good thing here! I was absolutely thrilled with the outcome of my case and the way in which you were able to manage the issues.

Dear Attorneys Cervizzi and Messier,

I want to thank you for having my back when I didn't even know that my back was exposed. You are creative professionals and work unlike anyone I have ever met. You thoughtfully examined my case and made the right decisions for me.

I didn't even realize how well-represented I was until now that I continue to review the happenings of this past Friday, and all the events which led up to then.

Unfortunately, I know many people who are divorcing; and fortunately, I have the right lawyers for them!

I am grateful and if I didn't show it sooner, it is because I really didn't "get it" until it all unfolded.

There is obviously more to this case and I would like to discuss your ability to represent me further.

Thank you, thank you!

Nicole, I would like to start off with a huge Thank You! I am so grateful to have such an amazing attorney. I am humbled and grateful for all your efforts when it comes to my son. I know this process is hard and you have surprised me with your efforts/fights and not giving up on what is best for my son. My stress has decrease and I am thankful.

Nicole, Just sending a big Thank You for a job well done. You are an amazing person. I also wanted to let Laura Cervizzi know how happy I am with Nicole. She is exemplary. I am so pleased with everything, it's unbelievable. I actually am going to miss speaking with Nicole. Through all my tears and all my stupid jokes she stood by be and encouraged me the whole time.

Laura C. & Elise, Sincere thanks on behalf of my entire family and some dear friends who are relieved and re-energized. The system worked today. Your diligence and effective legal counsel made it work for two children that needed your collective voice. We are grateful.

Thank you so much! Yes I do hope to work with you again if any legal matters come up I know I can count on Nicole and team. Thanks again all best to you, Allison

Laura C. & Nicole: I wanted to send a card to say thank you for all you did. A few weeks ago (my son) Michael told me he was happy. It was music to my ears. In school Michael made “honors” or “high honors” each semester last year and this past semester. He earned his varsity letter playing lacrosse last spring as a junior. This year he was nominated for 5 superlatives for the year book, included voted most likely to be successful, best hair, LOL. He has real friends that empty my fridge when they are over, but I love it! His teachers tell me he is respectful and full of personality. He is becoming the good man he is destined to be. Thank you for helping me save my son.

Dear Laura Messier, Thank you so much for all of your help, kindness & support! You are a great person and fantastic lawyer.

"I am very grateful that my daughter found you, that we consulted with you and I followed your suggestion. I only wish I had found you three years ago. I would highly recommend your firm to anyone that finds themselves in a difficult legal situation and I am grateful and appreciative that your words and actions have shown me that "integrity, fairness and decency" still exist."

"Laura Cervizzi and her team guided me through the process of a complicated divorce involving a significant amount of asset dissipation. Prior to contacting Laura I consulted with other divorce lawyers, but none were as well versed in the law or as confident that my former husband should be held financially responsible for his actions."

"Laura Cervizzi, along with her associates, are experts regarding all matters of family law. Her knowledge, dedication, and command of the law and its system is unparalleled. Laura Cervizzi is as kind to her clients as she is fearless in the court room. I have worked with her for years and am constantly impressed. She is always accessible, answers every question with complete detail and is amazingly compassionate. Her entire office is completely professional. Through out a very lengthy divorce Laura Cervizzi has saved myself and my son from a man who tried to leave us homeless. I credit her efforts, advise, and success in my case for their role in creating new opportunities in my life and for my sons achievements. I am lucky and grateful to have worked with her and would not only recommend but encourage others to hire her."

"I met attorney Cervizzi at the referral from a close friend in October of 2008 to discuss the possibility of representation for what I thought was going to be a quick and painless separation.  I never thought my situation was about to explode into a full scale attack and horrific custody battle.  The separation of my wife and I ignited a cascade of horrific events, the worst of which was the removal of my one year old son from my care simply because I was not female and "young children are better off with their mothers" according to our honorable judge.

Attorney Cervizzi relentlessly and tirelessly clawed and attacked at every meeting, hearing and encounter with  my then wife and her team.  The surreality of this case was the completely bias judge who paved the path of disgust and distain I have for the judicial system with regards to partiality.

Attorney Cervizzi chipped away and chipped away at what I thought was doom and an inevitable failure.  My baby who I raised everyday was taken from me and who became a pon and a possession in this war.  Laura treated this case as if it was her baby that was taken from her.

I can't put into words the gratitude and praise I feel for Laura.  If it was not for her, I am not sure I would be where we are today.  We have the strongest bond I could ever imagine and everyday is better and better.  Laura's fight and emotional commitment to my case is why we are together today.

We are forever grateful to you and your staff."