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Getting Through Your Divorce

Getting Through Your Divorce in Massachusetts

It is important to be prepared legally for life’s unexpected events. The effective and responsive divorce and family lawyers at Cervizzi & Associates safeguard clients through the legal, financial and emotional issues involved in divorce or other family law matters. We protect you and work hard to bring about the best results possible through each of the three phases of a divorce:

Phase 1:  Preparation for your divorce

This first phase of your divorce involves gathering information, strategizing and educating you on your legal options. Assessing your situation includes the following preparations and actions:

  • It all starts with an initial meeting, where we get a thorough summary of your marital history from you. From this information, we develop the strategies we use in your case.
  • We take the time to make sure you understand what to expect from each phase of your divorce.
  • We also make sure you understand how Massachusetts law works in relation to your situation.
  • We tailor legal solutions to your particular needs.
  • We discuss what your needs are regarding custody, parenting plans and a division of your marital assets.
  • If needed, we put you in touch with financial planners to help you figure out how you will support yourself and your family, or with valuation experts or other experts depending on your case.

Phase 2:  The divorce process

We will navigate you through the process from the beginning to the end.

  • We encourage settlement instead of a costly trial. Whether we go to trial or not, we focus on achieving your goals through settlement or in court as effectively as possible.
  • Most cases focus on alimony, child support, custody, parenting plans and property division. The agreement between parties on these issues can occur at almost any point during the divorce process.

Phase 3:  Beginning your life after divorce

Divorce makes a new life possible. Most of our clients seem to learn at least two lessons from their divorce:

  1. It is important to be legally prepared for life’s unexpected events.
  2. You can trust Cervizzi & Associates to help bring about the best result possible.

Several needs may arise as a result of your divorce:

  • Wills and healthcare proxies are automatically invalidated by divorce and have to be redrawn
  • Beneficiaries and conditions of a trust might change
  • Evolving needs for protection and well being of children
  • Insurance, property, and real estate disposition will change
  • A new relationship could benefit from a pre-nuptial plan/agreement

Helping Massachusetts families through life's transitions

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